Canning Rehydrated Black Beans

Canning is a skill that both men & women should be comfortable with. That’s just my opinion, of course. There is much to he said for providing for yourself. The pride in doing so, the benefits of not having unnecessary gunk added to your food & the cost. 

At our home we buy dried beans to store in our dry goods shelves & can them Rehydrated for the quick meal later down the road. One bag of black beans can give you 7 pints of Rehydrated beans for ready to use meals.

Beans, like meats, must be processed in a pressure canner. Pints take 75 minutes to can (once pressure is reached). Do yourself a favor and dedicate the day to do a bunch of beans! It’s well worth the time and effort because that single page of dried black beans may cost you approximately $1.49 but when you can get 7-8 pints out of it you are looking at 22¢ a pint, with flavors you decide. 

So here we go! 

Please make sure you know how to properly operate, maintenance, check and care for a pressure canner before you can. 

I hot soak my bag of beans for about half a day. Making sure any stones or icky beans are disposed of.

Make sure that your pint jars are sterilized. Taking them out of a sealed box does not mean ready to go. Either boil your jars your run the through the dishwasher. I prefer to boil.

Off to the side put your center rings in a bowl and put hot boiling water over them and let them sit. 

Take your clean jars and measure 2/3 cup of black beans into each jar. This is only if you have not completely Rehydrated them. They will need room to expand as they cook during the canning process. 

If you add salt use salt specifically for pickling and preserving. This prevents a cloudiness to your beans. 

You can add other seasonings at this point as well like chili peppers, jalapeño peppers, ancho powder, etc.

Add hot water to each jar but leave 1 inch of headspace. Wipe the rim of the jar with a clean towel.

Place the center lid on your jar.

I use a magnet stick to pull out the lids from the hot water. 

Now put in your outer ring. Tight but not Goliath tight. 

Place them in your pressure canner according to YOUR canners specifications & size. 

Put the water in the canner to your canners specifications. 

After checking your lid, band, exhaust tube put on your lid until it fits correct and shuts. 

Turn on the heat, I start at 7 on my electric range. Do NOT go maximum heat. Leave your ‘stopper’ off. 

When you start to get a steady stream of steam from the stopper tube, set your timer for 10 minutes. Never walk away from your canner!

When the timer goes off, the latch in the back should be up. 

Now put your ‘stopper’on the vent. Watch closely as the pressure raises to 12 lbs. 

Set your timer for 75 minutes. You will need to adjust your heat to keep it at 11-12 lbs pressure. By the end my range is normally at about 3 on the eye heat. Do not leave unattended! It only takes seconds to jump to a dangerous pressure weight. 

When your timer goes off, turn the heat off the eye, leave the canner alone & for the love of all things good do not release the stopper or try to open the canner!!!!

It will take a while, like almost an hour, to naturally cool and release the pressure. When the button goes down on its own and the gauge reads 0 only then do you open the canner.

THERE WILL BE HOT STEAM!!!! Don’t be a dork when taking the lid off! Use caution! 

Make sure you place a towel where your jars can sit undisturbed to cool (away from kids, pets, etc.) For at least 24 hours. 

Using your jar tongs take the jars out of the canner and place on towel. 

As your jars cool you will hear that magical sound of POP. You should hear a pop for each jar. 

Do NOT push the lids to force a pop. The jars must pop naturally to seal.

Let cool. Mark your lids after 24 hours and put on your shelf for use.

If you have a jar that does not seal, put it in the refrigerator and use first. 

Never, ever, ever reuse the center lid. You only reuse the rim/ring and jar!


Mrs. Kay L. Rice

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