Canning Basic Green Beans

A staple in our home is the basic green bean. I will say for the most part in this household we doctor up our green beans with onion, garlic & of course jalapeño peppers. However, the following is just your basic run of the mill green beans canning recipe. Enjoy. 

First things first. Green beans must be pressure canned. So be sure to understand how to operate, maintenance, care and clean your pressure canner. 

We get our green beans mostly from farm markets and always in season. A half bushel should give you approximately 13 quarts of snapped green beans. 

First wash and snap your green beans. 

I like to give the a quick blanch wash of three minutes in boiling water. However, some people don’t do this. It’s up to you. The argument is that cold packing keeps the beans crisper. I don’t notice a difference. 

As always make sure your glass quart jars are sterilized by boiling or dishwasher. 

Take your center lids and steep them in boiling water while you work on filing the jars. 

Now, I use quart jars because honestly, pint jars of green beans is rather skimpy for me, in size. Green beans warm up well with leftovers, so to me, it’s easier to put then up as quarts. 

Fill your jar to the base of the neck with your beans. 

Fill all your jars. 

If you add salt use a pickling and preserving salt. This will prevent a cloudiness in your beans. 

Add water to the jars but leave a 1 inch headspace. 

Wipe the rims with a clean towel. 

Place your rims on your jars. I use a magnet stick to pull my kids out of the hot water. 

Attach the ring to the lid. Tighten the lid but not so much that you strain something. 

Place the jars in the canner. Add water to your canner, per specification and size of your canner.  You can also add a tablespoon of white vinegar to the water in the canner to prevent calcium buildup. 

Put your lid on your canner and click it shut. Leave the stopper off. Turn on the heat. I generally start mine at 7 never full blast heat. 

Once you start to get a steady stream of steam from the vent set the timer to 10 minutes. 

When the timer goes off your button should be straight up. When the button is up put your ‘stopper’ on. 

Watch your gauge closely when you hit 11-12 lbs start your timer for 25 minutes for quarts (20 min for pints). 

Please watch your pressure gauge closely adjusting your heat appropriately to keep it at 11-12 lbs. Do NOT ever leave your canner unattended during this phase. It only takes a second to hit a dangerous level of pressure. 

When your timer goes off. Turn off the heat and leave the canner alone. Do not fiddle with the stopper, or the button and no matter what do NOT be a dork and open the canner. It will take a while, 30 min or so, to naturally cool down. 

When the button drops it will be safe to open your canner. 

There WILL be hot steam. Do not be careless while taking the lid off. Skin does not grow back easily!

Gently remove your jars and place them in a prepared place on a thick towel to cool. This place should be out of the reach of kids, pets etc. And will need to stay in this place for 24 hours.

Once your jars begin to cool you will hear that lovely sound. POP! This means a jar has sealed. There should be a pop for each jar. Don’t try to cheat and push the lids to make them seal, they won’t. 

If you have a jar that doesn’t seal, put it in the refrigerator & use it first. 

Never reuse your center lids. The only parts that can be reused are the rings & the jars. 

Mark your lids with contents & date & move to your pantry. 


Mrs. Kay L Rice

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