A New Beginning

For some time now, I have been lost and living in the “city”.   I’ve been longing to return to having some land and the ability to have a large garden, having my hens again maybe a few meat rabbits, a house with a cellar for canned goods and a place that felt like me.

Well, prayers have been answered and we have found our little house in the woods.  We know that God placed this place in our hands to love and care for and we are now moving along and getting settled in.  I’m so excited to plow up the garden so its ready to go in spring.  I’m looking forward to building a coop and having some nice hens making their home there.  Most of all, it will be wonderful for my husband to tell me he’s going hunting and will be late for dinner instead of being back in 2 weeks.

With all that said, its been a bit of a struggle preparing the house to be moved into, moving AND preparing the pantry for winter.  No the canning doesn’t stop just because we are moving.  The crops don’t hold off and winter is right around the corner.  I look around my office /sewing room in the loft and I have a beautiful view of the woods (and deer) in our back yard.  The birds and crickets are such a pleasant sound compared to the busy noise in town.

So we are home.  The Lord has abundantly answered our prayers for a place that is us and we are very grateful.

Until Next Time,

Mrs. Kay L. Rice

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