Name: Mrs. Kay Lynn Rice
Twitter:  @GeekGirlOH1



An Introduction

Mrs. Rice is a Bachelor of Science Graduate with a Major in Computer Information Sciences and a Minor in Business and Finance.  She is a Reporting Programmer by day, but never left her true love and roots of the country.  Born and raised in South Eastern Ohio, Monroe County which is next to the Ohio River and West Virginia, she was taught by her Grandmother and Mother the basic country skills which she loves to pass down today.

Mrs. Rice hosts a website Faithful Frugal Living where she offers simple down-home recipes, writings, frugal tips and life on the homestead.  The Rice Homestead is built on faith and old-fashioned values which includes being a firm believer of living well below one’s means and following the rules of “if it doesn’t have a purpose, it doesn’t have a place”.   This belief foundation allows a life free from clutter, stress and accumulating unnecessary debt.  Embracing Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace philosophy and teachings, she has helped others remove themselves from overwhelming debt and stress.

Mrs. Rice has taught several classes at her local Church in Westerville, Ohio, on basic Meal Prep strategies, budgeting, food preservation and simple tips to making life a little more enjoyable.  While this class is presently not available, she continues to manage and oversee the Church Café and provides home baked treats to offer the congregation.

The purpose of the website, classes and presentations are to pass along knowledge which may have been lost in today’s busy times and refocus from a worldview back to a simpler time of gratitude, hard work, simplicity and family.  It’s easy to get lost in the world today, but with a little planning, determination and know-how the path becomes clear.

Mrs. Rice and her husband have a small 3.5-acre homestead in Delaware County, Ohio, where they are focused on a completely self-sufficient and simpler lifestyle.  They have gardens which provide with vegetables and herbs as well as fruit trees all which provide food in their season and the ability to preserve fresh foods for winter.  In addition to plant-based food, they have their own flock of chickens which provide both meat and eggs. By remaining strong in their foundation and faith helps prevents waste in time, productivity and money.  They also hunt and fish providing fresh meat for game, which is in season, which is canned or prepared for the freezer.