Canning & Preserving

The skill of canning & preserving our own foods seem to be fading away. How sad. This skill was taught to me by my Mother and my Grandma in southeastern Ohio. My favorite time of the year was snapping green beans on the front porch of the farmhouse on Route 2. 

I still have my old pressure canner given to me by my Mom, but I rarely use it now because my awesome husband gifted me with a new gauge pressure canner. I still keep the old balance canner for memories. I use the gauge pressure canner for safety. 

Now for fruits, jams, jellies, fruit salsa, sauces & syrups I use my water-bath canner. 

My husband quickly took to turning one of our closets into a pantry with shelves as soon as we moved into our new home. To me there is nothing better to look at full shelves of food which we prepared for the long winter. We know we have properly cared for what the Lord provided for us without waste to keep us fed. 

We can our own fruits, vegetables, preserves, meats, broth, soups, stews etc.  We do also have a freezer box, however, a freezer takes electricity which can go out. If it’s out for a long period of time you have now lost a lot of provisions. Not so if you can. 

Now for the cost savings. When you buy in season and prepare immediately your cost of groceries is greatly reduced. The same goes for buying dried goods. Example: Black Beans. At the grocery store a can of black beans runs approximately $1. 75 a can. A 1 lb bag of dried black beans is $1.49. When you prepare and can that bag of beans you get 7 -8 pints of black beans without the gunk that manufacturers put in their cans. You choose the salt & seasonings. Okay back to cost. If you already have the jars (reusable) and rings (reusable) and center lids, then we look at the cost per pint. For 7 pints, just the cost of beans you are looking at 22¢ a pint. A huge savings! Plus. Did I mention no icky stuff put in by manufacturers! 

This is why I can, because I can! Cost aside there is the pride in providing. There is knowing the work it took to prepare so you are less likely to waste what you have. 

I will be posting canning recipes& instructions off and on. 

Let me know if there is anything you specifically want to read about.

Have a blessed day!

Mrs. Kay L Rice