Meal Prep

Whether you are budgeting, simplifying or trying to save time.  Meal Prepping is not only a hot topic but an essential skill in today’s busy world.

Join me here for ideas, recipes, plans and anything to do with preparing meals ahead of time.

If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area and are interested, I hostess a once a month meal-prepping healthy freezer meal class at Quest Community Church.  This is typically on the third Thursday of each month from 6:30-8(ish) pm.  All are welcome.  This is a free class and the only cost is what YOU want to put into it.  If you can’t join us in person, you will find the monthly “project” posted under this part of my sight.  It will contain step by step instructions for how we do this in our class as well as the ingredients, my personal suggestions and tips.


Feel free to email me directly at or leave a comment on the site and I will get back to you.

Mrs. Kay L. Rice

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