Quest Community Garden

One of the projects which we lead and volunteer for is the Quest Community Garden.  ( Follow us on FB & Twitter:  #QuestGarden #GoToQuest ) This garden provides produce for the local Westerville Area Resource Ministry.

For the Year 2017 we have donated a total of 826.2 pounds of produce to W.A.R.M.

The Garden is up and growing!   Much has been done and there is so much more to be done.  More than anything I enjoy teaching others to plant, grow and care for their food sources.  I love teaching basic skills.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than to work with my hands in the dirt knowing that God is using us to provide natural food for many families.

This year our garden is producing Strawberries, Raspberries and multiple herbs.  The vegetables we are growing are Sweet potatoes; onions; bell peppers; tomatoes; radishes; carrots; lettuce; beets; mexibell peppers; jalapeno peppers; banana peppers; eggplants; cucumbers; butternut squash; summer squash; zucchini squash; watermelons and cantaloupe.  We are hoping to rotate the root vegetables so we have several harvests through out the year.

Our dedicated volunteers help with watering, weeding, planting, plant and seed donations, fencing & soil maintenance, harvesting & delivering the produce to W.A.R.M.  We are also able to create a “farmer’s market” for our congregation where all of the money is donated to W.A.R.M. to provide even more resources.

Produce Deliveries to the Westerville Area Resource Ministry (W.A.R.M.) have begun.  To get an update of the details of our delivery, stop by and check it out here!



Would you like more information?  Go to Quest Community Church at or sign up by filling out the form below.  I need a good email and phone number to add you to the list and create duty schedules.

For those signing up, you will also receive weekly updates on the garden and your assignments.

Thank you and God Bless.

Mrs. Kay L. Rice

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